The Promenade of Wonders

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Promenade of Wonders
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Aware of the power of external display, and deeply imbued with a knowledge of human nature, the proprietor of the PROMENADE OF WONDERS, which we are about to notice, rivets the attention of passers-by by the gratuitous exhibition which his unbounded collection enables him to set forth...

Spanning the years 1850 – 1950, this community focuses on oddities and curiosities of all sorts, circus/carnival history, freak shows, hokum, vaudeville, undertaking, old-time, funeral customs, snake doctors, grifters, period absinthe, crime, drug usage, politics, disasters, misfortune, mental health, psychology, entertainment, death, afterlife, pseudo-science, parapsychology, frauds and all related fields.

Also, any “modern” news items that seem fitting may also be discussed.

Postscript: Though there is a seemingly “Goth” undertone to this community, this community is not a “Goth” sub-culture community. (I flirted with the Goth sub-culture quite a bit in my youth and have since outgrown the pomp and circumstance of it. ) Rather this is a community to share interesting finds and insights in a “scholarly” manner.

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